• Weight Loss Surgery: A Brand New Beginning

    Weight Loss Surgery: A Brand New Beginning

    Meet Frankie and Jess, a local couple who struggled for years with their weight. After dealing with health problems including high blood pressure, Frankie's doctor suggested he go to an information session to learn more about weight loss surgery. Jess, decided to join him and before they knew it, they were scheduled for surgery. Read their inspirational story and see the amazing before and after photos.
  • Standing Strong Against Cancer, and Winning

    Standing Strong Against Cancer, and Winning

    Deb Improta had a long history of breast and ovarian cancer, learn how genetic testing helped her make some difficult decisions.
  • Have the Right Attitude When Coaching Your Kids

    Have the Right Attitude When Coaching Your Kids

    Coaching your own kids requires the right attitude and objectivity.

Dig Deep Tips

  • Dig Deep Addressing Conflict

Dig Deep: How Do You Deal With Conflict?

There are many strategies to approach conflicts, but perhaps the one that is taught to nearly everyone from a very young age is to be empathetic toward others. This dig deep tip focuses on how to introduce a third party perspective when dealing with conflict.
  • Dig Deep Your Priorities

Dig Deep: What Are Your Priorities?

It is all too easy to lose sight of that which is most important to us. This dig deep tip is designed to help you think about the choices you make and why.
  • Dig Deep Values and Priorities

Dig Deep: Are You Busy, Bored or Balanced?

Finding the right balance of busy and bored—or downtime—can be difficult. Just as Goldilocks did not like her porridge too hot, or too cold, we can apply this same logic to many aspects of life, this dig deep tip can help you find your balance.
  • Dig Deep Your Best Years

Dig Deep: What is Your Sense of Meaning?

In this dig deep tip, explore your sense of meaning, personal values, and life satisfaction by asking yourself, are the best years of your life ahead of you or behind you?

Wellness Corner

  • exercise-pregnancy

Moving For Two: Exercise During Pregnancy

As busy as you may be, it is important for you to make the time to exercise. Research has shown that women who exercise while pregnant not only tend to have smoother pregnancies, but they may also experience easier labors, and feel better about themselves during pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Lyme, Tick Bite

It’s Lyme Time! Don’t be the Victim of a Tick Bite

While the popular saying is “don’t let the bed bugs bite,” you should also take measures to avoid a bite from another nasty critter - ticks.
  • Diabetes

Diabetes: 5 Things You Might Not Know

The American Diabetes Association estimates that 500,000 to 1 million people in the United States have type 1 diabetes and thousands are still not diagnosed. For a diabetic, this can cause serious long-term complications unless properly managed.
  • Yoga

Choosing From the Menu of Exercise Options

The world of exercise options is almost limitless. This could be the very problem you’re having now that you’ve committed to exercising regularly - where do you start and what should you try?
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  • Heart Healthy Valentine

Top 10 Heart Healthy Ways to Show Your Love

Check out the top 10 heart-healthy ways to show your affection for your Valentine. After all, it is national heart health month too.
  • food-mood

Food & Mood: A Love/Hate Relationship

Feeling hangry? Or eating out of boredom? Learn how your relationship with food can impact your attitude.
  • one-size-fit-all

One Size Doesn’t Fit All When it Comes to Counting Calories

Counting calories is a great strategy when trying to lose or maintain your weight, but the question is how high should you be counting?