While so much of pregnancy and the newborn stage is focused on Mom, this Father’s Day, we want to share these beautiful, inspiring, straight-from-the-heart words from a father to his newborn son. Lucas was born at Women & Infants Hospital earlier this year. His father posted this on the Women & Infants Facebook page. Share your story of parenthood here.

Dear Lucas,

A Father's Message to His Newborn SonYou’re here, and both your mom and I are so excited to finally meet you! Your mom and I have been waiting for you for 9 long months – filled with hundreds of trips downstairs to get mom something to eat, visits to the doctor’s office checking on your development, trips to purchase outfits for you to wear (have to confess, think I spent more time shopping for outfits than mom, lol). And now that you’re here, I get to touch you, holding you in my arms and nuzzling your sweet smelling head, love you and gaze into your beautiful eyes. I’m so looking forward to spending hours together with you, from cuddling you, changing you, helping you learn how to walk and skate, taking you to your first Notre Dame, Yankees and Penguins games, answering all your questions as each year passes, guiding you all along the way.

I can’t wait to encourage you, tell you you’re the most amazing person in this world along with your sisters, that you can do anything or be anything you want. I’ll be right there for your first diaper change, first bump and bruise or scraped knee. As you take your first steps, that first word (even if it’s mama), that first day of school, your first award and the hundreds that will follow. Helping you learn to drive and buy that first car. I’ll be there as you graduate, and on your wedding day, and as you hold your first born. But most of all, just enjoying life together being father and son.

Your mom and I will always be there first for you. With love and devotion, I will fight and strive to give you the best life you deserve. For you, even just minutes old, have made my life wonderful beyond my dreams for the third time by being my son. You’re mother and I will give you our last breaths, as you today have breathed your first breath into our lives.

Just wait until you look into your mother’s eyes, you’ll know and see what I do. She’s perfectly wonderful and amazing. I know she’s going to be the best mommy to you. When I was single and it was just me and your two big sisters hanging out, all before meeting your mother, I had decided that the next woman I completely shared my life with would have the biggest, most beautiful heart. And that’s your mom. She cares so deeply, and shares herself so openly and completely. I love her honesty and the way she has trouble being patient when she wants something. I completely trust her to take exquisite care of our hearts – yours, Samantha’s, Juliana’s, Jordyn’s, Gabby’s and mine – which is really the most important task of all. With your mom in our lives, we are sure to have lots and lots of laughter and fun.

One of my deepest hopes is that we can always communicate openly with each other, that no matter what’s happening, you know you can always come to us, share whatever’s on your heart, and we’ll always love you, no matter what. There may be times when we don’t like each other very much, but even then, please know that we love you dearly, deeply, and without conditions. And even in times when you think you don’t, we’ll remember that you love us, too. Because that’s how it is in our family, we practice unconditional love and acceptance, no matter what the circumstances.
So, welcome to life on Earth, and welcome to your family. May you be surrounded by love, inspired to learn and grow, and always know that you are deeply cherished.

So much love, Dad