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Musician Quickly Finds Herself Moving From Accident Recovery to Addiction Recovery

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By: Dr. Alan Gordon, Medical Chief, Alcohol & Drug Addictions, Butler Hospital

A young musician in her twenties was hit by a car and suffered from chronic back pain stemming from her injuries. During recovery from the accident, she was prescribed oxycodone and took it daily for a six-month period until her doctor ended the prescription. At that time she circulated among several doctors seeking new prescriptions. When she was unable to obtain oxycodone and found herself suffering from withdrawal symptoms, a bandmate introduced her to heroin. She quickly became addicted.

Several months into her heroin use a friend noticed track marks on her arms and suggested she seek help at Butler Hospital. There she entered the Outpatient Detox Program, where through a medically-managed detoxification process, she gained control over withdrawal symptoms with the use of buprenorphine. Her next step in recovery was to enter Butler’s Partial Hospital Program to learn skills on how to maintain her recovery in day-to-day life.

The young woman has since found more help from the positive influences in her life—family, friends and new band members who are supportive of her new sober life.

This excerpt is based on real life circumstances and events, but personal details have been altered to protect patient privacy.

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