“My name is Ashley Weeks and this is the story of how genetic testing and a colonoscopy at Women & Infants saved my life.

I have a family history of cancer so my doctor suggested I have genetic testing. It showed that I was more likely to get uterine, colon and kidney cancers.

They told me I needed to have a colonoscopy right away and discovered I had colon cancer. Luckily they found the cancer early and it hadn’t spread to the lymph nodes yet.

I’d also talked with my gynecologist at Women & Infants and decided to have a full hysterectomy based on the results of the genetic testing. During that surgery, the doctors discovered I had uterine cancer as well.

Can you imagine? It was a double whammy finding out I had colon and uterine cancer. And I’d never had a symptom. If it hadn’t had the genetic testing and the colonoscopy I might not have found out I had cancer until it was too late.

They literally saved my life.

It was an out-of-body experience. I’m physically active. I work out, I eat right, and I was in good health. It was shocking. I’m so glad I had the testing and the colonoscopy.

And I’m glad I chose Women & Infants. Their Center for Women’s GI Health is an all-female practice. They explained everything, answered every question and addressed every worry I had. From the receptionists to the nurses and especially Dr. Fayek. They really cared and it was that human touch that made a difference.

Today I feel fantastic. And I tell other women that a colonoscopy could save their life too. It definitely saved mine. It sounds corny but the Center for Women’s GI Health is a safe and comforting place to be – the only place. Don’t put it off. I’m glad I didn’t.”

-Ashley Weeks, Women & Infants GI patient

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Women & Infants' Center for Women's Gastrointestinal Health offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary focus on problems with the gastrointestinal system of women, in a setting staffed by all female practitioners. For more information call ( 401) 453-7953.
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