Cancer Care

Once you’ve swallowed the bitter word “cancer,” you want the best care at the hands of men and women specializing in your type of oncology, the latest technology, as many options as possible, and access to the latest research. With it, you’re sure to feel better able to tackle the disease, whether it affects your kidney, your breasts or your lungs. And you will, but there is so much more to this phase of your life. You will need – and deserve – more than just the science of medicine to help you. You will need gentle help with the art of living through your diagnosis, treatment and survival. That comes in the form of an Integrative Care Program that offers massage for your weary muscles, the soft head of a friendly dog to stroke during chemo, a meditative art or poetry class to channel your innermost feelings about the disease onto paper. Cancer care involves so much more than medication, operating rooms and physical scars. You deserve to care for your soul at the same time.

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  • Standing Strong Against Cancer, and Winning

Standing Strong Against Cancer, and Winning

Deb Improta had a long history of breast and ovarian cancer, learn how genetic testing helped her make some difficult decisions.

  • breast-self-exam-early-detection

Self Breast Exams

They may lack the bells and whistles of the latest digital tomosynthesis screening equipment, but your hands are a quick and easy tool for the early detection of breast cancer.

HPV, What You Should Know

Here's what one physician from Women & Infants Hospital has to say about the new legislation passed by the Rhode Island Department of Health, mandating all seventh graders receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine before returning to school for the 2015-2016 school year.

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