Keeping a Healthy Family

In many of our lives, there are the families we are born into and the families we create for ourselves from the relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors we value and can count on. All types of “families” are important to us – providing structure and support, lending a shoulder to lean on or a loan until payday, celebrating the joys of life and helping to ease the sorrows.

As part of our own unique families, we form relationships and assume a role – starting as children and often a sibling, we may become a parent, stepparent and even a grandparent. In any of these roles, we may be called upon to step in as a caregiver when someone ages or gets sick.

The relationships that bind us to others require attention and care, patience and sometimes persistence to maintain. We argue, and make up. We protect others, and ask for protection. We stumble and fall, but we keep going because it’s important. We love and are loved.

We consider ourselves part of the family, and we’re on this journey together.

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