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Photographer Finds Help After Battling a 20 Year Addiction

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By: Dr. Alan Gordon, Medical Chief, Alcohol & Drug Addictions, Butler Hospital

A 50-year-old photographer began abusing oxycodone when he was in his twenties.  He first started buying the drug from a friend who had access to the medication in a family medicine closet.  When oxycodone was no longer available because it became too expensive, he was able to obtain heroin at a lower cost.  After using heroin and oxycodone for more than 20 years, he sought treatment through the Outpatient Detox Program at Butler Hospital. Over the course of many days he was prescribed daily doses of buprenorphine under the supervision of a physician to slowly and safely withdraw from the heroin. Following completion of the program, he entered Butler’s Alcohol and Drug Partial Hospital Program, where he learned more about his addiction, how it effects his body and received skills and support to manage his recovery process successfully. He is now excelling in his career as a photographer and enjoying life more fully with sobriety.

This excerpt is based on real life circumstances and events, but personal details have been altered to protect patient privacy.

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