This episode of Fitness Freak showcases Sandra Coletta, Care New England Chief Operating Officer, and her style of workout with Ryan McGowan at Laid-Back Fitness in Warwick, Rhode Island where workout and play cohabitate.

The Laid-Back Fitness Center/Playground specializes in fun and challenging workouts using practical “equipment” while focusing on skill development and efficiency of fundamental human movements. They work one-to-one (or small groups) in a semi-private environment, but also train at the Hill, the beach, the sand dunes, the park, etc. The equipment is nothing you’re accustomed to seeing in your average gym, but everything that translates well into the “real world.” For example, they utilize Balance Beams, ropes of all kinds and purposes, Atlas Stones, Suspension Equipment (USA), Sandbags, Heavy Ropes, Slosh Tubes, Kettlebells, Heavy Bags, Balance Board, Parallettes, rock climbing holds, a huge heavy tire, monkey bars, a cargo net, a ring traverse, Ninja Warrior Obstacles and more!

When it comes to training, Ryan is a minimalist! He prides himself on creating efficient programs for his clients (and teammates) so they can participate in events of any distance with the least amount of time and mileage investment. His style is strongly influenced by Erwan LeCorre of MovNat and Dr. Nicolas Romanov of the POSE method. He is RI’s only certified MovNat trainer and recently completed World’s Toughest Mudder!