Just over a year ago, Kristen miscarried for the third time so her ob/gyn recommended she visit Dr. Carol Wheeler at Women & Infants’ Center for Reproduction and Infertility.

Kristen was a bit nervous heading into the visit and afraid to get her hopes up due to her miscarriage history. After performing a series of tests, Dr. Wheeler discovered that everything was normal with Kristen and urged her to pursue pregnancy again. Still, Kristen worried.

“Getting pregnant was never the problem,” she says. “I could just never hold onto the pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant in March, I was scared to be excited because I had been down this road three times before.”

Dr. Wheeler had Kristen begin progesterone hormone therapy and take baby aspirin throughout her pregnancy as she monitored her progress.

At six weeks, Kristen began hemorrhaging severely and had to visit the emergency room.

However, Kristen continued to bleed throughout her pregnancy. “I called Dr. Wheeler constantly about my abnormal bleeding, but she was so reassuring and very on top of everything. I felt completely taken care of.”

On December 10, 2015, Kristen gave birth to Hadley, a healthy baby girl weighing in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces.

“I heard from Dr. Wheeler the day after Hadley was born. It was great to hear from her and felt she really cared for my husband and me,” Kristen says, explaining that Dr. Wheeler made her feel like nothing was her fault and hers was a common problem. “She made me feel like she was on my team and we were in this together. She was determined, kept me calm, and talked with me openly. I’ve never had a doctor who has gone above and beyond during and after treatment.”

Kristen explains that there was nothing she would change about her experience, even if the pregnancy was unsuccessful. “She was very thorough, explained everything and always gave me the choice on the steps being taken every time,” she says.

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