Gail Vetere’s 18-year-old son Frank is a freshman at Sacred Heart University where he plays on the varsity hockey team. When the team traveled from Connecticut to Rhode Island to play a game on Friday, February 12, Gail and her husband decided they would not make the trip from Long Island to watch him.

They got a call that night, not about the outcome of the game but to let them know Frank was being taken to the hospital with what turned out to be right femur and patella fractures.

“He ran into the boards and did a split on the ice,” Gail shares. “Of course, the game I don’t go to!”

As the Veteres made their way up Route 95 to Rhode Island, Frank was brought into Memorial Hospital and the orthopedics team examined him. The orthopedic surgeon on call, Steve Behrens, MD, of Affinity Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, then called Gail.

“I’m from Long Island too and went to the high school right next to Frank’s,” Dr. Behrens recalls. “I think that made his mother feel a little better.”

He operated on Frank Saturday and discharged him to home on Monday. He even recommended an orthopedist on Long Island for follow up.

“Dr. Behrens was very thorough and told us exactly what was going on,” Gail says. “He’s called us a few times since we got home to check on Frank.”

As she caters to her laid-up son, who is anxious to get back on campus, she adds that the experience at Memorial was very good.

“For what it was, it was a great experience. Everyone at the hospital was unbelievable, from the woman in the cafeteria to the nurses,” she notes. “I had no idea what to expect and it was all good. We’re very grateful.”

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