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Mother Learns How to Live Drug-Free After 10 Years of Addiction

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By: Dr. Alan Gordon, Medical Chief, Alcohol & Drug Addictions, Butler Hospital

A young married mother of two suffered with unrelenting muscle pain for years when she was prescribed both fentanyl and oxycodone simultaneously. Use of these prescription medications quickly spiraled out of control, and the woman found herself in dangerous situations, even arrested several times. Entering the Outpatient Detox Program at Butler Hospital, she told the staff that since being prescribed these medications more than 10 years ago she had not had a single day that she did not use one or more of these medications. With little faith in her ability to end her use of these substances, she worked with staff to begin treatment with buprenorphine, a drug commonly used to treat narcotic dependence by preventing withdrawal symptoms. Having completed the program and committing to long-term outpatient counseling, this mother of two is now living the life she’d envisioned, as the mother she always wanted to be.

This excerpt is based on real life circumstances and events, but personal details have been altered to protect patient privacy.

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