Earlier this year, a woman came to visit Women & Infants Hospital. We don’t even know who she is. What we do know is that in a unique tribute to herself in commemoration of her 30th birthday on January 8, she devoted herself to doing 30 random acts of kindness. On that very day, she fulfilled one of those random acts by bringing a huge bag of clothes and diapers for a new mother who had just given birth. Her gift was accompanied by a letter. In it, she wrote:

Dear New Mom...

“Hi there, new mom! Congratulations on your new child! My name is unimportant. What is important is that 30 years ago, I was born in this very hospital. Yes, that’s right. Today is my birthday too! However, instead of having a big party with cake and social obligations of presents, I’m spending my birthday, my 30th birthday (quite a milestone) by doing 30 Random Acts of Kindness. So, in a way, I’m spending my birthday with you. I hope this has brightened your day just a little bit.

I wish you and your family health and happiness (and a little wealth couldn’t hurt either). I hope your child grows up to be happy and healthy. I hope that he or she is kind to you and to others. I hope he or she grows up to be someone incredible—a doctor, a lawyer, a comedian or even President—whatever they chose, know that they matter. That one day someone thought of your child and of you, and while some may want to bring you down, that there is still good in the world so don’t become hard and callous, keep hope in your heart… … I hope that this random act of kindness has touched your heart and that you will think of someone else one day and continue the cycle of kindness…

*Click on the image to view all thirty random acts of kindness.

What an incredible act of kindness. Not done for recognition, not done for appreciation, not done for glory. Done simply to be kind to someone else.

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