The essence of each of us is unique – formed from a beautiful combination of our individual perspective, the passions that drive us, the emotions (both good and bad!) that fill us, and whatever we choose to put our faith in. Our spirit helps guide the decisions we make and the paths we find ourselves on in this life. It helps frame our outlook on life, offer support to others and find the support we need when we are afraid, in pain or want to celebrate.

The health of our spirit depends on how we approach things in life – our state of mind, whether we replenish our well of inner strength when necessary, and how we treat ourselves and allow others to treat us. Life challenges the spirit at times and it’s important to have people and resources available to help. We have many ways to offer support and understand that caring for people means nurturing their spirit when they are sick and when they are well. Take a moment to indulge yourself and care for your spirit.

We celebrate every unique spirit, and we’re on this journey together.

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