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Coping With Infertility During the Holidays

In some ways, the holidays can be difficult for everyone. What is supposed to be a time of lovely, warm celebrations often is fraught with stress. For couples and individuals coping with infertility, this pressure is often brought to a critical point. Learn how to keep your expectations reasonable, and practice self-compassion.

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Moving For Two: Exercise During Pregnancy

Research has shown that women who exercise while pregnant not only tend to have smoother pregnancies, but they may also experience easier labors, and feel better about themselves during pregnancy and after delivery.

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Let Your Baby Feed on ‘Liquid Gold’

World Breastfeeding Week starting August 1 draws international attention to one of the most natural acts a woman can perform, an experience many women find impossible to describe."Breastfeeding, we believe, is the best way for a baby to get nutrition in the first months of life," explains Cindi Zembo, RN, BSN, IBCLC, coordinator of the [...]

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