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Neck and Back Pain – Imaging Studies Are Not Usually Necessary

Most diagnoses of neck and back pain are nothing to be afraid of and often times imaging studies are not necessary. Learn more about what you need to know the next time you visit your doctor for back or neck pain.

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Nutrition: What Does it Mean to Eat Intuitively?

In today’s culture, we are inundated with conflicting messages about diets, nutrition and our bodies. Many people focus on dieting, but what if we shifted our focus to “intuitive eating,” an approach that hinges on thoughtful nutrition, respecting and appreciating your body, and healing your relationship with food and eating.

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Finding Compassionate Care as a Transgendered Woman

As a transgendered woman, Lila has already faced plenty of anxiety-inducing scenarios, finding a doctor shouldn't be another one. Read how Lila's experiences with our teams at both Kent Hospital and Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island were there for her, both physically and emotionally.

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Top Four Foods that May Help to Fight Colon Cancer

While screening is the number one way to prevent or detect colon cancer, eating a healthy diet can help to reduce your risk. Here are the top four foods that may help fight colon cancer and some healthy recipes to go with them.

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