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Finding Compassionate Care as a Transgendered Woman

By: Lila Hawryluk Sitting in the waiting room, about to meet my new primary care doctor, my palms sweated as I battled fears and reservations. I am a transgendered (trans) woman and, because of this, I’m guarded when I meet new people. My name was called and I was brought into an exam room [...]

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Partner With a PCP for Better Health

By Susan McDonald When I turned 40, it seemed like I had more than a few physical complaints – my right knee was aching more and more, I had a painful lump on the top of my right foot, I’d have a headache by the end of every day, and my stomach was acting up. [...]

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SOS = Shade Our Skin

Playing outside is a rite of summer, and the playground, beach, campground and even the backyard beckon to our children. Most of them will accumulate most of their lifetime sun exposure before they turn 18, and it's a parent's duty to make sure they do it safely so they don't bring a higher risk [...]

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