Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain. Often, it not only impairs a person’s ability to control behavior, but also alters areas of the brain related to decision making ability, learning and memory.  Addiction can also profoundly affect the lives of the family members and friends of individuals struggling with an addition.

It is the combined, proactive efforts of all those touched by addiction – from those supporting a family member, taking a stand against their own dependence, or striving to eliminate the negative perceptions regarding addiction in the community – that will diminish the pain and hardship brought on by this disease.

Together Make It Better strove to empower all those touched by addiction and minimize substance abuse in our community. The campaign attended the Rally 4 Recovery, where the Care New England team collected promises regarding how each of us can help fight against the stigma of addiction.  The campaign hit the road, attending North Kingston High School and LaSalle High Schools where we spoke with students about the dangers of addiction.

Together Make it Better