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Here you’ll discover enjoyable content, supported by Care New England physicians and experts.  Posts highlight the importance of screenings, fitness, diet, and healthy living, along with clarifying myths on common illnesses.

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  • 10 Nutrition Tips Cancer Patients

Cancer Survivors: 10 Tips to Eat More Plants

According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, “plant foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans contain a variety of cancer fighters including vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. Learn how to include more plant based foods into your diet.
  • PokemonGo

Pokémon Health Benefits GO Above and Beyond

Pokémon GO’s system is an amazing tool to get people of all ages active and provides an appealing option for those who may normally not get much exercise.
  • Sun Screen

Sunscreen is Better Than No Sunscreen

Enter the sunscreen aisle at any store and prepare to be overwhelmed by options. Faced with a wall of sunscreens that each touts its own special ingredients and abilities, how is a person to choose?

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