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When does a woman’s lifetime start? When is her health care important? Is it during adolescence, when she experiences first periods, her first gynecologist appointment, and buds turning to breasts? Is it during college and post-college/pre-family time, when women are trying to conceive, or trying NOT to conceive, experiencing STDs and UTIs, realizing the importance of breast exams and Pap smears? How about during in her 30s, with first mammograms, babies and breastfeeding, becoming more aware of a family history of diabetes or heart disease? Could it be as she enjoys mature adulthood, relaxing with friends and enjoying the empty nest, while experiencing a breast exam scare, high blood pressure, or “dribbling” when she laughs, coughs or jumps? Or perhaps the golden years, as she starts to move more slowly, experiences more memory lapses, requires more medication and more frequent tests and screenings?

It’s all of these times – and Care New England has information and services specifically for women at all ages and stages of their lifetime.

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Maternal Mental Health

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Breast Cancer – One Women’s Story

Sadiqa Kendi had just gotten married and was new to Providence when she felt a lump in her breast. Read more about her journey.
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Take Steps to Avoid Weight Gain in Menopause

When a woman enters menopause, her metabolic rate slows significantly. When rates are lower, you burn energy slower, which translates to weight gain if there is no added exercise.

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